About Us


We started making these super comfy backrests for meditation so long ago we don't remember exactly when we first began, but it was some 20 years ago for sure! 

On a spiritual journey of our own, we discovered the Original Zen chair.   These wonderful backrests offer relief to tired back muscles during meditation or hours of sitting on the floor at personal growth workshops. No need to be in pain whilst trying to find your inner zen.

Since those early days we have realized that finding your zen and your life purpose can take a life time to figure out!.  In the meantime, we have perfected a backrest that will help keep you upright and comfy while you try to find your inner zen! 

We soon realized that this nifty product can also be used for picnics and generally having fun in the sun! We  came up with the Galileo option which offers a more relaxed reclining position for chilling outdoors. 

Check out the three different models of Zen Chair backrests and get your joy and Zen on with your very own Zen backrest.

Made in Cape Town, South Africa.  Support local businesses.